18-years-old male russ fell from top of bus

Ambulance, Motorcyclist, 18-years-old RussAmbulance.Photo: Norway Today Media

18-years-old male russ fell from top of a bus in Lista – seriously injured

The 18-years-old male russ was transported to a hospital by air ambulance. Otherwise a relatively calm night before the National day.


A man (18) is taken to hospital after he fell from the roof of a bus in a parking lot at the Lista air field in Vest-Agder on Tuesday evening.

The Police in Agder tweeted about the incident just after 21.00.

To Lister24  informs Operations Manager Bjørn Pedersen that the 18-years-old is a russ and that he suffered serious head injuries.

According to the local newspaper, several Russ danced on the roof of the parked bus when a person fell down. The 18-years-old was transported to hospital by air ambulance.

Female russ fell of the top of a bus at Bygdøy

A young woman has been sent to the Ullevål Hospital in an ambulance after falling down from the roof of a Russ-bus at Bygdøy in Oslo.

According to the police in Oslo, the woman fell three to four meters.

The extent of damage was unknown when she was rushed to hospital.

The police inform VG that they arrived at the accident site just before 6 am.

– We know very little as of now, but we are working at the spot, says Operations Manager Gjermund Stokklie.

Man sent to hospital after brawl involving Russ

A man in his 20s was transported by ambulance, bruised and with lacerations, following a fight at McDonald’s in Asker.

The police scrambled with several units following a report of fights involving 50 to 60 Russ in Asker night to Wednesday – May 17.

– We sent a man in his early 20s to hospital. He had cuts, punches and kicks and was pretty bruised.

– Not all, but a major amount of those who were there, were involved in the fighting, says Gjermund Stokklie, to NTB. Stokklie is Operations Manager in the Oslo police.

Otherwise, relatively quiet

Except for that, the police in the capital – like in the rest of the country – have had the common May 16 missions:

disturbance of the peace, loud music and intoxication. – But to be the night before May 17th it has actually been relatively quiet in Oslo, Stokklie comments.

Male russ indicted after he cut off the pony tail of a fellow student

A male russ is reported to the police after he cut off the ponytail of a fellow russ in Røyken the night before May 17th.

The police do not yet know anything about the incident, beyond that they have the description and name of the culprit, they enlightened Drammens Tidende.

– It is sure enough somehow an offense, so it will probably end with a fine.

– It’s not exactly often this happens, so the exact punishment I can not provide at the present time, says Operations Manager Kjell Reidar Johansen to the newspaper.

During the night to the 17th of May there has been a larger gathering of russ and their buses at Follestad in Røyken. Police have been on hand to keep peace and order, and states that things have largely gone smoothly.


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