20% increase of Schengen visa denials

Increasing number of Schengen Visa applications are denied by Norway. Photo: Pixabay.com

20% increase of Schengen visa denials from Norway

Official figures covering Schengen visa applications released by the SchengenVisaInfo.com, an online information platform, reveal that Norway’s embassies have been highly selective as they have rejected 11,176 (5.7%) of the total applications. This constitutes a 20% increase of visa denials at Norway’s Schengen embassies, according to statistics


Norway has a lot to offer to prospective visitors and, not surprisingly, it counts for a fair portion of Schengen visa applications. Based on recent Schengen visa statistics, a total of 196,082 people from different countries of the world wanted to get a uniform visa at Norway’s embassies. In turn, a portion of 182,062 applicants has been issued a visa.

This figure marked a slight increased compared to the previous year when embassies reported for a number of 188,737 Schengen uniform visa applications.

However, what was most interesting about this set of statistics is the high number of visa denials recorded in Norway’s embassies compared to previous years. According to the official statistics, out of 196,082 applicants, 11,176 (5,7%) of them have been denied a visa.

During the preceding year, on the other hand, Norway’s Schengen embassies rejected a number of 9,301 uniform visa applications. Expressing this in percentage terms we would get a large increase of 20% of visa denials.

Pakistan tops

Further on, these statistics reveal that Norway’s embassy located in Pakistan tops the list, as the one which denied the highest number of Schengen uniform visa applications. A portion of 41.9% or 1,145 applicants out of the total 2,730 failed to get a visa at the embassy in Islamabad.

In percentage terms, the embassy situated in Lagos, Nigeria had the highest rate. Over than half (54.4%) of 1,095 applicants in this country have been denied a Schengen uniform visa.

Other countries whose citizens also had a relatively high rate of visa denials in 2017 in Norway’s embassies were the Philippines (1,129), India (975), Uganda (728) and Iran (673).

The table below features Schengen data about five Norway embassies/consulates with the highest number of visa applications:

Country Visas Applied Issued Denied %
China 80,221 79,433 787 4.7%
Russia 24,160 23,653 501 73.4%
India 14,370 13,385 975 44.1%
Philipines 14,159 13,030 1,129 40.8%
Thailand 12,415 12,024 390 51.0%


The link to what is required to obtain a Schengen Visa to Norway can be found here.


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