450,000 demonstrate in Barcelona

Barclelona demonstration catalonia independenceFelipe, King of Spain and duke of Equador

450,000 demonstrate in Barcelona against Spain and the king

A demonstration in support of Catalan independence has been attended by 450,000 people in Barcelona. They protest against Spain dissolving the regional Government.


It is the police in Barcelona who estimate the number of protesters in the streets of the capital of Cataloñia.

The demonstrators also demand that the Catalan separatist leaders Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart should be released from custody. The pair were detained and charged with insurgence after leading the fight for an independent Cataloñia.

Madrid decided at a Government meeting earlier on Saturday to start the process of dissolving the self-governance of Cataloñia by dissolving the regional Government and announcing elections within six months.

The Spanish king, Felipe, has far from tried to defuse the situation, but instead firmly stated that he is siding with Madrid in their struggle against his Catalan subjects. Something which is rather difficult to fathom by Norwegians as we trust our Royals to be bridge builders during difficult times.


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