47 wolves can be killed

WolfWolf.Photo: Per Løchen / SCANPIX .

The regional predatory animal boards have resolved an overall permissions to kill a quota of 47 wolves, 24 of these within the wolf zone, this year and next year.

In Oslo, Akershus, Østfold and Hedmark there is a quota of 37 wolves, 13 of which are outside the wolf zone, while 24 are within it, says Environment Directorate. In Western Norway and Oppland there is a quota of three wolves, while in southern Norway and Central Norway are only two.

Quotas are set by predatory animal boards as population targets are reached in all regions, said the agency.

Parliament adopted this in June of this year a new national number of wolves who have four to six cubs annually, and at least three litters to be all Norwegian species. A report from Rovdata shows that the Norwegian population in 2015/2016 is over the nationally stipulated population target.

When the stock is above the nationally stipulated target for a region, there are predator tribunals in the region who have decision-making authority in determining permissions to kill quota.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today




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  1. Fortunately, the two million sheep let loose on the land do absolutely no damage to Norway’s native flora.

  2. Has Norway gone mad? Allowing to shoot 70% of the wolf population, while there are only less than 100 wolves left in the whole country. Shame on those so called predatory animal boards, and shame on Norway for allowing this. Make sure to tell your children who was responsible for killing an entire species in your country once the last wolf has been killed.

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