60 days waiting time at hospitals

PatientPatient: Photo: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX

Hospital queues have decreased by eight days on average from last year to this year.

Waiting list figures for the second four-month period – ie the period from May to September – was published on Thursday.

The overview shows that the average waiting time was 60 days for physical illness (pathology) which is a decrease of eight days from the same period last year.

– Positive trend in wait times is primarily due to the great efforts of those who work in the hospitals but it is also due to the good and increasing hospital budgets, more use of private clinics and stronger patient rights.

Besides, clearer requirements for performance and greater freedom to hospitals are very important, said Health and Human Services Bent Høie.

The strongest reduction in ques are more from interdisciplinary specialized treatments. In those cases, waiting time decreased by eleven days, from 46 to 35.

Within mental health care for adults, waiting list decreased by average six days.

The weakest reduction applied for children with mental illnesses and adolescents, which on average is one day less in compare with previous year. The waiting time for this group is about 52 days.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today