Suspected fake doctor was arrested


A mother of young children from Southern Norway who pretended to be a doctor was arrested Thursday morning in Kristiansand.

Investigation Director Jens Martin Reiersølmoen in Arendal told TV 2 that there was nothing dramatic and she is under arrest. After that TV2 found that police attempted to apprehend the woman since Tuesday night.

The woman was in custody last August and charged with fraud in four cases but released after two weeks. In two of the cases she pretended to be a neurosurgeon.

It has been found that there are various fraud cases happened around the country that woman should was involved in.

Police now includes indictment for at least seven cases. In addition, police said they are investigating several other inputs.

The woman who is in her 30s were also participating in a bidding of a property and won the bidding for a luxury home to 20 million Kroner.

In reality she is broke and jobless, wrote newspaper VG Saturday. The woman was doing same things back from 2007.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today