Abortion becomes the main topic on Oslo’s 8th of March

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The main discussion for the March 8th march in Oslo will be “Defend self-decided abortion. Remove the committees,” warns the March 8 committee.

The topics were discussed during a meeting last Thursday where more than one hundred people attended, writes Klassekampen. A total of 28 slogans were adopted for International Women’s Day this year.

“The women’s movement is united, and it wasn’t just here that it was most discussed. Everyone agrees that what the government is doing is an attack on women’s rights,” says press contact Nora Uvsbakk in the Women’s Front.

Also the slogan “Yes to Nipt and Fetal Diagnosis” was adopted. Nipt is a blood test, pregnant women can take to detect for example Down’s syndrome. The Technology Council has recommended the use of this test, but it is debatable whether all pregnant women will receive the offer.

Leader Ada Arnstad in Senterungdommen says she does not want to march under any of those topics, but would rather march for equal pay and securing women’s rights in working life.

“There is nothing wrong with defending self-determined abortion, but it is disturbing that the abortion law is being drawn in different directions, and one does this by demanding that one remove the councils,”she says.

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