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Actis wants decriminalisation, members rage

syringe actis drugsA discarded syringe sits in the dirt with other debris under a highway overpass where drug users are known to congregate. Photo: AP/Elaine Thompson.


Actis wants decriminalisation, members rage

The Federation Against Drugs (Forbundet mot Rusgift) disagrees vehemently to that the board of the umbrella organisation, Actis, supports decriminalising of drug use and possession thereof.


Actis acts as an umbrella organisation for traditionally conservative anti-drug associations. They issued the statement last week, to the surprise of many, members included.

– There is not a single word about decriminalisation in Actis’s official policy. Here the board has given itself a power of attorney they do not rightfully possess, says Knut T. Reinås, leader of the Federation against Drugs (FMR), one of 32 member organisations. He says this to the newspaper Klassekampen.

The organisation stresses that the decision does not represent any major change in policy, but emphasises the organisation’s view that health measures should be more important than penalties. The proposal implies that drug use and possession should remain illegal, but not punishable by the law.

Reinås is shocked and says FMR will follow up the case with the board of Actis, hoping to reverse the decision.

Acting Secretary-General of Actis, Pernille Huseby, points to that the 32 member organisations at the Congress in spring gave support to the Drug Reform Committee’s proposal to transfer reactions from justice to health.

– In all practical terms that implies a decriminalisation of drug use, says Huseby.


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