Agreement reached: The light rail in Bergen will be built over Bryggen

Bergen BryggenColorful houses in beautiful Bergen. Photo: Millie Olsen / Unsplash

An agreement that ensures that the light rail in Bergen will be built over Bryggen was signed on Saturday. Among other things, it includes that the track should be battery powered. The signing of the agreement took place just before 4:30 PM, according to the newspaper Bergensavisen and Bergens Tidende.

There was a majority for the light rail over Bryggen after two representatives from the Center Party (SP) and one from the Red Party broke from away their parties.

Battery operation over Bryggen

The agreement states, among other things, that no overhead lines will be built on Bryggen, meaning that they will run on battery on this section. In addition, a good, cohesive bicycle lane along Bryggen will be ensured.

The agreement was signed by Roger Valhammer (AP), Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG), Håkon Pettersen (KRF), Erlend Horn (V), Mikkel Grüner (SV), Steinulf Tungesvik (SP), Stig Torgersen (SP), and Odd Arild Viste (Red Party), Bergens Tidende writes.

“The agreement ensures that the light rail to Åsane will be built,” Governing Mayor Roger Valhammer said.

“It creates security for investments in Bergen of up to NOK 20 billion, which was about to be shunned. The agreement means that there is now a majority in the City Council in favor of the solution for the light rail and who want a Labor Party-led City Council,” Valhammer wrote to NTB.

“All our requirements are met”

“All our requirements are actually met, and in a good way,” Steinulf Tungesvik told Bergensavisen.

The extension of the track to Åsane has been a much-discussed topic, and it led to the City Council recently resigning after losing the vote. The City Council received 33 votes for the Bryggen alternative, while the Conservatives (H) received 34 votes for their proposal to study a tunnel option further.

According to Bergens Tidende, the City Council must now formally make a new decision to repeal the previous one, which can happen no earlier than December 15. Roger Valhammer informed NTB that he would constitute a new City Council early next week.

The first section opened in 2010

The light rail was approved for construction in 2000, and work began in January 2008. The section from the city center to Nesttun was opened in 2010, and between 2013 and 2017, further sections were opened all the way to Bergen Airport, Flesland. The track to Fyllingsdalen will be opened in November next year.

The plans for the light rail to Åsane have been discussed for around ten years. According to the Planning and Building Services, a line over Bryggen could be ready in 2031. The tunnel solution had an estimated completion in 2034.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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