al-Noor Mosque attack was an act of terror

Vidkun Quisling traitor terrorThe murder indicted man, who attacked the al-Noor Mosque in Bærum, has expressed admiration for Vidkun Quisling. He has probably been inspired by the New Zealand terrorist attacks. Photo: Public Domain.

al-Noor Mosque attack was an attempted act of terror

“We are faced with an attempted terrorist attack,” police states on Sunday afternoon. A man in his twenties is charged with attempted murder and murder of a young, female, relative.

“The mapping has shown that the perpetrator harbour extreme-right views. He has anti-immigrant attitudes,” acting Head of Unit of Oslo Police District, Rune Skjold, informs at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

He adds that the accused have also expressed support for Vidkun Quisling.

“We are investigating the case as an attempted act of terror,” Skjold continues.

Police have previously been reluctant to confirm that shots were actually fired at the mosque. At the press conference came the confirmation that several shots were indeed fired. Police also admit to having found several firearms at the scene.

The police have no information to indicate that the accused has cooperated with others, according to Skjold. He further says that the police want to get in touch with witnesses from the local community.

“The police want information about factual times and observations. Witnesses are encouraged to contact our tips service.

Display of courage

Skjold states that the person who stopped the perpetrator inside the mosque, before the police arrived, have shown great courage.

“There is no doubt that the swift action on the scene before the police arrived, has stopped the perpetrator and prevented further consequences,” the Head of Unit asserts.

65-years-old Mohamed Rafiq both stopped and forced the perpetrator down on the ground during the al-Noor Mosque attack.

“I am very happy for the help and support I have received,” Rafiq tells the press corps.



Working closely with the Police Security Service

The police work closely with the Police Security Service (PST).

An ongoing assessment is made whether the charge against the man will be changed.

“He is charged with attempted murder and murder. An ongoing position is being made to possibly extend the charge to an act of terror,” Police Attorney, Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, informs.

“Police will make another attempt to question the accused later today. He is most likely to be arraigned for custody in Oslo District Court at 1 pm tomorrow, Monday,” Kraby continues.

“The police also want the accused to be assessed by experts. That will eventually be done after the custody hearing, ”Kraby concludes.

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