All insects in Norway must be counted

Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Researchers are warning of catastrophic insect death, and therefore the very first survey of all Norway’s insects will start in the spring.

Norway’s first comprehensive survey is a pilot project.The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) has, on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency, provided a description of how the best possible mapping of the insects should proceed wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

Researchers and the Norwegian Biodiversity Database have prepared a red list of which species are at risk of dying out in Norway.So far,about 17,000 insect species have been registered in Norway,and around 1,000 species are considered threatened.

‘’We do not know enough about the general condition of insects in Norway.Therefore, we will now start a more comprehensive survey,’’ said Minister of Climate and Environment,Ola Elvestuen of Venstre (V) to Aftenposten.

In 100 years time, most insects could be gone

This is the alarming message in a report published last week.The report warns of catastrophic insect death if we exterminate the insects at the same pace as today.

Elvestuen did not hide the fact that he is concerned about the findings in the report and believes it must be taken seriously.

‘’The three major problems the world is facing now are global warming, plastic in the sea and loss of biodiversity. But clearly, the trend could be reversed. We have no choice,’’ he said.

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