Alerts of a meeting with the Russ in Bærum

Russ event Party, Ios Russ in BærumRuss Partying. Photo : Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

The police will meet the Russ from Bærum and Oppegård 

On the first day of the school year, the Norwegian police will meet Russ at the Eikeli High School in Bærum. Students in Oppegård will also meet with the police regarding the violence in Greece this summer, which led to serious injuries to a high school graduate from Bærum.


The police will meet the graduating students at Eikeli High School on Thursday, says the Principal of the high school, Dag Brustad to Aftenposten.

– We will have a seance with them about what happened at Ios, and how they should behave related to the upcoming Russ period. They will talk to the students about how to behave in such situations. They will also inform the students how to avoid being provoked and not to provoke others, says Brustad.

Budding Russ with broken legs

It was on August 1st that an 18-years-old boy from Bærum was seriously injured at Ios. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and had both his legs broken after an attack by peers. The five arrested are from Oppegård. They were later released from custody.

The parents at Roald Amundsen High School in Oppegård are also called for a meeting with the police on August 21st.

– We want a meeting with the last year students just before or after this meeting, says Police Officer Andreas Bjørnteig at the preventive section of Eastern Police District.

Earlier, the police have highlighted the Oppegård Russ as being particularly acting out, but Bjørnteig says it would be unfair to point the finger at all the Russ at the school.

– This depends on the individual litter and varies from year to year. The last two years have involved individuals on two buses that have made their mark in a negative sense and ruined for the others, he says.

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