ANC decides the fate of Zuma

Jacob Zuma President South Africa.Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa. Photo: AP

ANC decides the fate of  Zuma on Monday

The African National Congress (ANC) supreme body, the executive committee, will meet on Monday to decide on the fate of President Jacob Zuma. The ANC is still the largest party in South Africa, but has in recent years lost a lot of support, not in the least because of the controversies surrounding the President.


– The National Executive Committee meets tomorrow in Pretoria, says ANC spokespertson Khusela Diko.

What is being discussed at the meeting, Diko does not want to eloberate on, but the South African Government is in the middle of a dispute about whether or not to allow Jacob Zuma to continue as President after the corruption charges brought against him.

Before Christmas, Zuma was replaced as ANC leader by Cyril Ramaphosa, and many members of the party believe he should take over as president as well.

On February 22, the National Assembly in South Africa will vote on a proposal of no confidence against Zuma. The proposal is put forward by the opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by former leader of the ANC youth party, Julius Malema.

Zuma in “productive” meetings with possible successor

The pressure against South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, is increasing. On Tuesday evening he participated in “productive” meetings with his possible successor Cyril Ramaphosa, according to ANC.

An extraordinary party meeting that could squeeze Zuma out of the presidential seat on Wednesday is postponed, the ANC announced Wednesday night. The meeting is postponed until 17 February.

On February 22, South Africa’s parliament will vote on a proposal of no confidence against Zuma. The proposal is made by the opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The ANC is divided in the view of whether he should resign. Many of the party tops believe he should leave the power to Cyril Ramaphosa, who was elected ANC leader at the end of last year. But Zuma still has faithful supporters who demand that he should hang on until the next presidential election in 2019.

On Thursday, the President was supposed to address the nation, but that speech is postponed as well.

– We felt we had to create a room to establish a much more useful political atmosphere in parliament, the assembly leader Baleka Mbete stated after the decision of the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Refuses to step down

According to party sources, Zuma himself refuses to step down, and on Tuesday he called for a Government meeting, one day before the weekly meeting is usually held.

According to the ANC’s Deputy Secretary-General, the party is divided regarding the fate of Zuma.

– I can tell you that there are different points of view. There was one sentiment that was dominant, but that was not the only standpoint, says Jessie Duarte, referring to Monday’s meeting between 20 party tops.


On Tuesday, the Nelson Mandela Foundation announced that Zuma should resign asap. The Independent Foundation believes that this is necessary in order for South Africa to be able to clean up the extensive corruption in the country, which Zuma is accused of being a part of.

At the ANC’s national meeting last year, Cyril Ramaphosa was elected party leader, which means he will be the party’s presidential candidate at the next election. ANC can however also decide to replace Zuma before that.

Ramaphosa promises a quick solution regarding Zuma’s demise

South Africa‘s vice president and ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa promise a quick solution to the future of President Jacob Zuma.

Ramaphosa held a speech before thousands in Cape Town on Sunday in connection with the celebration that it is 28 years since Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

It was also the start of the official celebration that marks that this year is 100 years since Mandela was born.

Ramaphosa acknowledged the ever-increasing impatience of the Government’s inability to determine the future of President Jacob Zuma, who is under severe pressure to step down.

Crucial meeting on Monday

– It’s important that we handle the ongoing discussions with the accuracy and purpose of ensuring that South Africa’s interests come first, Ramaphosa stated, while the audience shouted “Zuma must go!”

The ANC is in the middle of a dispute about whether or not the corrupt President should be allowed to retain his position.

The party’s supreme body, the executive committee, will meet on Monday to determine Zuma’s fate.

Vote of no confidence

Before Christmas, Zuma was replaced as ANC leader by Ramaphosa, and strong forces in the party believe that the party leader should also take over as president.

President Zuma was not present during the televised Mandela celebration.

Facts about the scandals surrounding Jacob Zuma

  • In 2005, Jacob Zuma’s adviser was found guilty of asking for annual bribes from a French arms company on behalf of Zuma. The money was supposed to protect the company as it was investigated.
  • President Thabo Mbeki fired Zuma as his deputy after the weapons affair. Zuma then responded by challenging Mbeki as ANC leader and won.
  • In 2005, Zuma was charged with rape of a party-collegue’s HIV-positive daughter. He was acquitted after stating that she agreed to have sex with him.
  • In 2009, the prosecutor’s office put aside investigation of more than 700 allegations of fraud, corruption and organized crime, many of them associated with major arms deals in the 1990s.
  • The investigation was later resumed, but the country’s attorney general has repeatedly deferred the decision to prosecute the case.
  • In 2009, The head of his tribe, who has no less than four wives as befitting his station, had a child with a friend’s daughter.
  • South Africa’s Ombudsman for Corruption in 2014 concluded that Zuma had illegally enriched himself by using state funds to renovate his personal estate for close to R$ 200 million. In March, he was sentenced to repay some of that money.
  • In December 2016, Zuma fired two finance ministers within a week, triggering heavy currency devaluation and major turmoil in the stock market.
  • In April 2017, 10 out of 35 Cabinet Ministers were replaced. Once again the finance minister was one of them.
  • In December 2017, Zuma was replaced as ANC leader by Cyril Ramaphosa, and the party’s executive committee will Monday decide his future as president.
  • The South African National Assembly will vote on a proposal of no confidence against him on February 22.

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