Requires answers about the National Guard study

Liv Signe Navarsete Sex MessageLiv Signe Navarsete.Photo: Sogn og Fjordane Sp.

Navarsete requires answers about the National Guard study

Member of Parliament, Liv Signe Navarsete (Centre Party), asks Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (Conservatives) to account for her role in the postponement of a study about the National Guard.


Navarsete suspects, according to Dagens Næringsliv, that there are political reasons behind the decision to postpone the work of the study, conducted by the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI). It has been postponed until the Land Forces investigation has been completed later this fall and until after the parliamentary elections.

– We ask questions whether the minister knew that this study was suspended until after the Norwegian Land Force report, whether she was involved in the decision and whether she will publish the work done so far, says Navarsete.

falsifying of the research

The website Aldrimer (Never Again) earlier this summer published what was allegedly a leaked draft from the study. The content of this document has raised reactions.

FFI on their hand claim that the leaked document is an unfinished draft based on “falsifying of the research”. FFI has made it clear that they in no way support the draft.

Politics and research

Political adviser Audun Halvorsen answers on behalf of the Minister of Defense in the matter.

– The opposition insists that we conduct political detail management of research, while at the same time believing that we will force FFI to publish a work that the Institute itself refers to as a draft of an internal document that is not quality assured and that the Institute is not endorsing, says Halvorsen.

He points to that there is an important fundamental distinction between politics and research.

Managing Director of FFI John-Mikal Størdal rejects the suspicion by Navarsete and says there was never any talk of postponing the study because of the election.


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