Anti-Racist Centre fear sympathy

Facist Anti-RacistFascists on the march. Photo: antirasistisk senter

Anti-Racist Centre fear sympathy after violence

The Leader of the Anti-Racist Centre, Rune Berglund Steen, fears that violent events can cause people to sympathise with the racists.


– Violence is harmful, partly because it can lead to an absurd sympathy for right-wing extremists. We saw this in the NRK article about the case where several actors on the far right can be heard, attempting to invoke sympathy towards themselves, says Berglund Steen to Klassekampen.

According to NRK, the police believe that anti-fascists have ended in violent confrontations with Nazis and right-wing extremists 13 times in the last year.

On Friday afternoon, the Anti-Racist Centre organised a demonstration against Neo-Nazism outside the Norwegian Parliament. The weekend before, the Neo-Nazis held a demonstration at the same place.

3 arrests

During Friday’s demonstration, two persons were arrested after a fight involving several persons. Rune Berglund Steen informs NTB that two men and a woman belonging to the group “Stop the Islamicisation of Norway” (SIAN).

Steen tells Klassekampen that the police must do all they can to beat back the neo-Nazis. He says a policy of violence from the anti-racists is not the way to go.

– There are so many of us and so few of them that there is no need to revert to violence to fight them, he informs.

Last Sunday protesters clashed in Oslo when several persons met up at a political marking against Norway signing the Marrakech agreement.


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