Labour consider changes to security policy

Espen Barth Eide.CHDEspen Barh Eide (Labour). Photo: twitter

Ap members consider a change to Norwegian security policy

Central Labour (Ap) members consider a change to the Norwegian security policy as a result of the international turmoil.


The noise around Trump is not a transient storm, Labour strategists believe. Several Labour politicians openly state that Norway has to change the course as a consequence of increasing uncertainty about the future of the Transatlantic Alliance, writes the left wing newspaper Klassekampen.

Among them are former State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and presently a researcher at NUPI, Torgeir Larsen. Larsen was the Chief of Staff of NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, in Brussels for two years. Now he believes that the foundation for Norwegian security and foreign policy is on the move and draws a parallel back to the time between World Wars I & II.

More vulnerable

– We have become accustomed not to think about the fundamental basis for Norwegian sovereignty and security. The vulnerability as a small country is returning now, he says.

Larsen adds that it is important not to exaggerate. NATO and the alliance with the United States is «alive and kicking». He believes that the alliance’s robustness and predictability are about to change none the less.

– Everything is not changing, but some fundamentals are in motion. That must be acknowledged, he says.

– Europe’s defence and security are based on American help to a greater extent than it has been for a very long period of time. The aim to increase Europe’s defence capacity is more important than ever. That Includes Norway, Larsen believes.

Stronger Nordic cooperation

Former Minister of Defence, Espen Barth Eide, who is a member of Labour’s international committee along with Larsen, wants to tie Norway closer to countries with cohesive interests and values – especially the Nordic countries, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition, he wants Norway to participate where we can in EU security policy initiatives

– This is not an alternative to NATO, nor should we look for a new superpower that will be our «protector». Stronger Nordic cooperation must take place within the framework of the European and transatlantic structures, he says.


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