Askøy baby was infected by Campylobacter

Askøy Water reservoirAbout 50 grown-ups and 15 children have been admitted to Haukeland University Hospital with symptoms such as fever, diarrhoea and abdominal pain due to suspicion of infection from the Kleppe waterworks on Askøy. The inhabitants must boil the water. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Dead baby from Askøy was infected by Campylobacter

The one-year-old baby boy from Askøy outside Bergen, who died last week, was infected by Campylobacter. The County Doctor of western Norway confirms this to Bergens Tidende.

“It is still not known what caused the death of the one-year-old boy,” writes Bergens Tidende.

The county doctor instigated a supervision case as a result of the death. Information is being collected in the case, including the health of the baby boy before he became ill.

The police notify that a preliminary autopsy report for the one-year-old is ready. They will, however, not comment on the report until they have gone through it together with the parents. The one-year-old was buried today, Friday.

Must continue to boil the water for a month

The municipality has examined the criteria for declaring the water as safe. It is still a long time before the inhabitants don’t have to boil it.

“We talk about five to six weeks before we can declare the water as safe, realistically speaking,” Deputy Mayor of Askøy Municipality, Bård Espelid, tells Bergens Tidende. Espelid acts as press contact on the matter.

He tells Bergensavisen that the reservoir at Øvre Kleppe is decommissioned for good.

It has been investigated whether bats have entered the reservoir area. In addition, there are investigations as to whether there may have been leakage of faeces from other animals into it.

“The municipality found no animal activity during the inspection of the height reservoir today. Nor any carcasses,” Espelid continues.

stools from dogs and deer were found on the roof over the controversial height reservoir on Wednesday.

Woman perished

About 2,000 inhabitants of Askøy have become ill after large concentrations of intestinal bacteria were found in a reservoir at Øvre Kleppe in the municipality.

49 adults and 15 children have been hospitalised, altogether.

It has been published that a 72-years-old woman from Askøy has died. The woman was admitted with gastrointestinal symptoms during the weekend. It has been discovered that she was infected by Campylobacter, as well.

The woman suffered from a severe underlying disorder. the county doctor has opened supervision in this case also.

Listhaug to visit Askøy

Norwegian Minister for Public Health, Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party), will visit Askøy on Monday. This to obtain an account from the municipality regarding the epidemic.

Listhaug will, among other things, meet Mayor Terje Mathiassen (Labour), representatives from the municipality and inhabitants who are affected by the outbreak.

The Cabinet Minister asserts that she will undertake a nationwide mapping of the drinking water in all municipalities of Norway.

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