Askøy told to boil the water, again!

Water kettle warning Askøy boiling alertAnother kettle warning is issued on Askøy. Photo:

5.450 on Askøy told to boil the water once again

Another water boiling alert (aka kettle warning) is issued to parts of the supply area of Kleppe Waterworks on Askøy. 5,450 inhabitants are affected.

“The background is that samples taken on Thursday, August 1st, reveal e.coli bacteria in the drinking water from pool 125. The pool is located at Øvre Kleppe,” Askøy municipality writes in a press statement.

No illness has been reported as a result of the bacteria so far. The municipality states that the purpose of the water boiling alert is preventive.

More samples are taken on Friday. Answers to them will not be available before after the weekend.

The 5,450 inhabitants that are affected by the water boiling alert are requested to follow the municipality’s website. This call applies to subscribers several areas. 

(see list below)



Planned to be shut-off from the clean water system

Head of the Waterworks of Askøy, Anton Bøe, tells VG  that the bacteria discovery was made in one of the mountain pools which are scheduled to be discontinued in 6 months’ time.

The samples were taken as part of the improved test routine for the municipality. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the municipality sample drinking water at 14 different points in the drinking water system. This is due to the fact that more than 2,000 islanders became ill earlier this summer. The drinking water from Kleppe waterworks was given a clean bill of health on July 17th. The inhabitants of Askøy were forced to boil the water for six weeks on that occasion.

the water boss says the current alert is ‘deeply regrettable’. til Bergensavisen.

“There was tremendous rainfall on Wednesday. It is obvious to believe that that may be the cause. This is, after all, a mountain pool. We cannot rule out that there has been a leak into it. It is, naturally, deeply regrettable that this is happening again,” he concludes.


Askøy water boiling

The areas affected by the water boiling alert on Askøy: Graphics: Askøy.


Affected areas

  • Flagget
  • Grønlien
  •  Holmedalen (partially)
  • Horsøy
  • Juvik
  • Kleiven
  • Krokås
  • Kleppegrend
  • Kvernhusdalen
  • Løfjellet
  • Lønvarden
  • Myrane
  • Solhola
  • Strand

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