Man broke in, sexually assaulted 6-years-old

Bergen District Court AssaultedBergen District Court. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Man broke into home and assaulted six-years-old

A man (27) is sentenced to four years and three months in prison for entering a residence, where he sexually assaulted a six-year-old stranger, Bergensavisen reports.

The incident happened during the night to December 9th last year. The 27-years-old man entered the house through an open basement door. He did not know the family who lived in the house but found his way into a children’s room on the second floor.

“The pater familias was awakened by screams from his six-year-old son. He went to the children’s room, where he discovered the stranger, half-naked, in the boy’s bed,” Bergensavisen writes.

“The six-year-old boy has explained that he woke up by a strange man lying in his bed and breathing on him,”Bergens Tidende reports.

The father called the police and detained the man until help arrived.



Denies liability

The 27-years-old denied criminal liability during his trial last week. The man had been at a Christmas party (Julebord) and had been drinking a lot that night. He has explained that he does not remember anything related to the abuse.

However, he said in court that he regretted deeply and lamented to the family.

The man has to pay the boy and his family just over NOK 250,000 in redress and compensation.

Bergen District Court writes in its verdict that the man’s actions against the boy have been both very scary and abusive.

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