Man accused of online abuse against over 250 children

A man in his 40s in the Romerike District Court was charged with online abuse against over 250 children and young people aged nine to 15 from different parts of the country.

48 of the victims reside in Sweden, one is Finnish, while the rest are residents in Norway. The victims are mainly boys. Altogether there are 256 victims in the case.

The man has acknowledged all the facts and also acknowledged punishment after the charge.

“Formally, he has not taken a position on the charge, but I cannot imagine that he will refuse punishment either,” his defense lawyer Gunhild Lærum told TV 2.

According to the charges, the case has been going on since February 2014 to January 2018. State Attorney Carl Graff Hartmann says the case became known to the police when one of the victims reported the man in the fall of 2017. The man was arrested in January 2018 and has been detained since.

He convinced the victims to conduct sexual acts on themselves. He told the young boys that he has an older girl, while he did the opposite telling the female victims that he was an older boy.

All violations were to have been committed via the internet and no physical meetings have been revealed, Eastern police district informs in a press release.

The man, who resides in Romerike, used Omegle and Skype communications services applications when he committed the acts.

East police district has been investigating the man since November 2017 and all of the country’s police districts have been involved.

The case begins in Nedre Romerike District Court on 7 October.

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