Even more in favour of assisted euthanasia

Terminally ill woman comforted by her husband. Photo:Sighal Sharif / Anxiety.org

Most Norwegians are in favour of assisted euthanasia

Three out of four Norwegians state that they are positive to allow assisted euthanasia. Several in the Liberal party (Venstre) now wish for the party to join the bandwagon.

The increased support for assisted euthanasia is evident from a survey made by Ipsos MMI on behalf of Dagbladet. When asked whether or not assisted euthanasia should be allowed in Norway, a clear minority of 23 per cent answers no.

25 per cent, on the other hand, answer: “yes, that must be up to the individual”. Furthermore, 52 per cent state that they are positive to euthanasia in particular cases, such as involving painful, incurable illness.

77 per cent are in favour of assisted euthanasia

77 per cent of the respondents to the survey are thus positive to introduce active help to die in Norway. That is an increase from previous surveys. Those have shown around seven out of ten Norwegians as being positive.

Several of the Liberal party members want to reopen the debate in the party regarding euthanasia. This merely two years after the debacle that ended with the National Convention of the party turning their thumbs down to evaluate the issue, writes the Christian newspaper Vårt Land.

Rematch in the Liberal party

“It is a liberal right to decide for yourself when you want to end your life,” the joint proposal from the Deputy Mayor of Skedsmo, Boye Bjerkholt, together with two delegates from Viken Venstre, states.

Party leader, Trine Skei Grande, issued a “veto” two years ago. She states that she has a principled view that a state should not ”kill its citizens”. Nevertheless, Bjerkholt thinks the time is right for a rematch in the Liberal Party.

“It is important to keep the debate alive. We should, therefore, spend time during the National Convention to discuss such ethical issues. The issue of euthanasia is a liberal dilemma,” Bjerkholt acknowledges.

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