Attempts to question Keshvari

Mazyar Keshvari fraudMazyar Keshvari (Progress Party) is in dire straits after fictictious travel expense claims. Photo: /

Attempts to question Keshvari about travel expenses

Police are well underway with the investigation of the travel bills of the Progress Party (Frp) Member of Parliament, Mazyar Keshvari. They will try to make a conversation or to question with him. Keshvari is currently on sick leave.


According to the Norwegian national newspaper, VG, The police have received documentation from the Parliament – and has had time to look at it.

– We have started an investigation and are well underway. No formal indictment has been issued yet. We will try to have a dialogue with him to have a conversation or possibly a questioning in order to confront him with the documentation that we are in possession of. We have a dialogue with Keshasvari’s lawyer, says Head of Section for Economics and Specialist Research in the Oslo Police District, Rune Skjold.

There is no time set aside for a for police meeting with Keshvari for now.

Mazyar Keshvari, who represents Frp for Oslo in the Norwegian Parliament, has, according to Aftenposten, delivered undocumented travel expenses amounting to NOK 290,000 (€30,000) since the autumn of 2016. The newspaper can document that Keshvari has been in the hometown while a total of NOK 36,000 in travel expenses has been claimed (€3,750).

Gross Fraud

According to the Oslo Newspaper, Aftenposten, – Member of Parliament and spokesperson on immigration, Mazyar Keshvari  – is suspected of gross fraud. Rune Skjold does not want to comment on what the police have found in the material to the newspaper so far.

– We do not want to go into the details of this at present. We wish to confront the suspect with it first, he says.

The Norwegian Parliament has reported Keshvari for abusing the refund scheme for travel expenses. The Frp politician, through his then lawyer, Arve Lønnum, states that he wants to pay back what he has wrongfully claimed. Keshvari’s current lawyer, Arne Gunnar Aas, has not commented on the case to Aftenposten.


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