Automatic controls will improve traffic flow in front of airport terminal

Oslo AirportOslo Airport

In order to improve the traffic flow in front of Gardermoen airport terminal in Oslo, Avinor will introduce an automatic control based on signature recognition.

The new scheme ensures that all drivers receive seven minutes free of charge to let passengers off next to the terminal building. Exceeding seven minutes will incur a parking fee.
‘The ‘Kiss & Fly’ area is reserved for those dropping travellers and driving on. Today, we see many drivers using the area in front of the terminal choosing to park for longer periods. This creates traffic problems’, said Commercial Director of Avinor at Oslo Airport, Torgeir Kjos Sørensen.

He received support from the police, who say it’s important that the area is better regulated to avoid difficult situations.

The police understand Avinor’s concern that at certain times of day there is a traffic build-up in the Kiss & Fly area, which creates tailbacks, and can lead to very dangerous driving conditions.

The danger of someone turning and driving in the wrong direction is a possibilty.

The police therefore support measures that provide more appropriate regulation of the area from a safety perspective’, said Finn Jørgen Henrichsen, a police officer at Gardermoen Police Station.
Still free
If you need to park for more than seven minutes, Avinor recommends choosing the short-term parking area, or one of the other car parks at the airport. These ares both more predictable, and cheaper for drivers.

‘Our goal is that everyone planning to drive travellers to Oslo Airport this summer will experience streamlined traffic flow in the Kiss & Fly zone. If you need more than seven minutes, or want to follow someone into the terminal, short-term parking is your best solution’, said Sørensen.
Electronic Registration
As of the 30th of June, all cars will be automatically registered by electronic signature recognition in front of the terminal building.
Drivers who are charged for staying beyond the seven-minute maturity may pay the parking fee at local ticker machines, via the Avinore website, or receive an invoice. A good alternative is to register as a customer via the website, so that a given payment card is charged directly. The latter ensures drivers smooth and secure payment.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today