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Bane Nor introduces parking fee

Parkering parking fee Bane NorIllustration. Parking


Bane Nor introduces a parking fee on free spaces

Bane Nor will charge for parking at 15 stations where it is free to park today on February 1.


The State owned rail company confirms this to Nettavisen. 1448 free parking spaces will disappear.

At the stations Fetsund, Nerdrum, Årnes, Hell, Levanger, Stjørdal, Vikhammer, Heimdal, Sonsveien and Mysen stations, parking will cost NOK 100 every month from then on.

Parking at the other four stations, all located in Oslo, will be much more expensive. At the Kjelsås, Grorud, Høybråten and Ljan stations, it will only be parking available, at the cost of NOK 60 per day.

But the worst it will be for commuters at Lysaker station. Here it will cost NOK 100 a day to park, a parking that has been free until now. Bane Nor justifies the decision with that they wants people to use other means of transportation.

– By introducing a reasonable price to park at the station, we hope to motivate rail passengers who have the opportunity to use other means of transport to the stations than private cars, says director Knut Ø Ruud Johansen in a SMS to nettavisen.

The decision to introduce parking fees follows Bane Nor’s five doubling of parking fee at seven stations in the Oslo region: Drammen, Asker, Stabekk, Strømmen, Lørenskog, Ski and Høvik. That price hike was introduced on December 2.


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