Beggars and prostitutes back in Bergen

beggar beggars and prostitutesStreet beggar. Photo:

Beggars and prostitutes back in Bergen

Beggars and Prostitutes in Bergen almost disappeared overnight after an NRK documentary. They are now back in force. The police have observed several tens of Romani back on the streets


In the Focal documentary “The Land of Happiness” (Lykkelandet), NRK revealed a comprehensive Romani network that was openly operating on the streets with prostitution, theft, begging and the sale of narcotics.

On one particular night in 2016, NRK’s journalists observed close to 40 women who were selling sex in the centre of Bergen. After the documentary, they all disappeared, according to the police. Begging was virtually absent from the city last summer as well.

Now both are back with a vengeance, according to NRK.

– We saw that many of those we assumed were traffickers, pimps and prostitutes, were absent in the spring of 2017. They were gone for a while, but we are now seeing both the prostitutes and beggars back on the streets of Bergen, says Sylvia Myklebust. Myklebust is a Police Inspector and Chief Prosecutor responsible for organized crime in the West Police District.

It is unclear to the police if it is the same environment that has re-established itself or if another criminal grouping has taken over.

In the last six months, the police have arrested several Romani, suspected of or charged with trafficking and pimping. All of which are Romanian citizens.

Neither begging nor selling sex is prohibited in Norway, but buying sex is.


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