Believes banks has to foot sex club-bill

Believes banks must take sex club-billSex club

Norwegian banks have ended up in conflict with several clients who claim they have been drugged and defrauded of several hundred thousand kroner while abroad. Banks will not foot the bill.

A  man from Stavanger  testified on Thursday in Stavanger District Court about one night two years ago in a sex club in Barcelona, ​​where he lost 193.000 million this way, the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. The man says he was drugged and defrauded and believes the bank should pay the bill. The man’s lawyer, Pål Minde, also has a similar case underway in which a man says he was drugged and defrauded of about 200,000 crowns in Poland.
In addition, another Norwegian have opened a lawsuit in the Financial Services Complaints Board against Nordea and DNB in ​​which he explains that he was drugged and defrauded of over 114,000 million – in the same club  in Barcelona as the Stavanger man.
Sparebank 1 SR-Bank, Nordea and DNB refuses to foot the Barcelona-bills and the Financial Services Complaints Board has declined to hear the case pending trial in Stavanger.
– It’s a matter of principle to us  that certain requirements for valid evidence are met before we pay up, attorney Hanne Ringnes Sanne in SR-Bank says. She believes that the man from Stavanger has failed to prove that he was drugged at the sex club.
After the episode in Barcelona two years ago the Spanish police uncovered and caught what they believe is an organized league that has been behind the scam.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today