Bergen: Man charged with murder agrees to provisional detention

Bergen District Court childrenBergen District Court. Photo:

A 43-year-old man charged with killing his 70-year-old mother at Landås in Bergen, agrees to being held in custody while waiting for trial.


The pre-trial is held in Bergen District Court early Monday afternoon. The West Police District states that the family will be getting an appointed district attorney in the course of the day.
The convict, himself, notified the police of the murder on the evening of Saturday. He was arrested in his mother’s apartment at Landås. According to Bergensavisen, the woman was killed with an ax.
The police found an ax in the trash can, just as the man admitted in an interrogation. He admitted to the murder, and said that he threw his ax off the shed outside the housing block. It was found that evening and held by the police into evidence.
He and his mother have been living together in the apartment for two years. The police are uncertain when the murder has taken place. It was also unclear when the deceased was last seen alive.
The man is admitted to Sandviken hospital with a police escort.
“He agrees to imprisonment, but we have asked the court not to go with a pre-trial,” said his defense attorney, Jannicke Keller-Fløystad, to the newspaper.
The reason for this is the man’s state of health.
“He has been hospitalized a few weeks ago and was asked not to be discharged. He’s shocked, and it’s a tragedy, “said the lawyer to NRK.
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