Bergen did not get to be host of Europride

Pride festival in OsloPride festival in Oslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Bergen did not succeed with its application as host city for the Europride Festival in 2020. Instead the celebration will take place in Thessaloniki Greece.


Bergen fought along side Hamburg, Brussels and Thessaloniki for the award.

“We are very sorry,” says Joakim Aadland, head of the Rainbows Day in Bergen, to Blikk.

Thessaloniki was pre-selected as a favorite.

The organizer of the festival was elected at the General Assembly of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA) in Gothenburg.

The Norwegian delegation from Bergen went to Gothenburg with a lot of support from the city of Bergen.

“We had high expectations that we could win and it’s a shame that we were not selected. But on the other hand, this application process has given us new experience, a large and new network of contacts and new opportunities for the Rainbow Days in Bergen, says Aadland.

The presentation of Bergen that Aadland and the rest of the delegation gave emphasize about the cultural diversity, history and traditions of Bergen.

They pointed out that even though Bergen would be the smallest host city they maintained that it would be to their advantage.

“That way, we can send a signal across Europe that it has nothing to do with how small your community is, you can still make a change, it’s in the application.

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