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Bhatti demands compensation from PST and police in Oslo

Arfan Bhatti tilstede mens muslimer demonstrerer utenfor StortingetOSLO. Arfan Bhatti Photo: Heiko Junge / Scanpix


The Islamist Arfan Bhatti claims that he is unjustly prosecuted and is suing PST and the police in Oslo.
Bhatti has previously received compensation from the Norwegian authorities. In 2004 he was accused of a shooting at Sognsvann in Oslo. The case led to him getting a compensation.
– He’s probably one of my clients who  has been acquitted most often, and as such he may be considered of the most innocent men in Norway. The reason is probably that the police have a very low threshold for directing accusations against him because of his past and attitudes,  Bhatti’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, says to Dagbladet.
Bhatti envisions a large amount, millions of NOK. He was accused of planning assassinations against the US Embassy and shooting against the synagogue in Oslo.
– I was acquitted and now require compensation and damages for unjustified prosecution. The court cases, media coverage and the stigmatization caused by these cases have been very stressful for me, says Arfan Bhatti.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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