Prison strike – inmates locked in

Prison StrikePolitical strike in the Norwegian Prison System. Photo: Ann-Kristin Mo / NRK

Ready for Prison strike – inmates locked in their cells

Prisoners are locked in or have to take care of themselves when 4,400 prison workers go to political strike. Nevertheless, Norwegian inmates support the two-hour strike.


Between 11 am and 1 pm on Monday, prison workers lay down their work all across Norway. They protest against the Government’s proposal for a National Budget, which proposes, among other items, to shut down seven prison units in southern Norway, according to NRK.

No employees will leave the workplace, to ensure that life, health and safety are taken care of. But in several places, inmates are locked in, or the activity offer falls away and they have to make do by themselves.

The Criminals Association in Norway (SON) supports the strike in the correctional care. The organisation reacts to what they call underbudgeting

– We have realised that inmates in prisons suffer from this underbudgeting and we have decided that we have a shared interest with the prison staff, SON states in a press release.

– SON will, therefore, express its full support to the Prison Workers’ Unions who go to a political strike against the National Budget for two hours on Monday, October 22nd, under the parole «Stop the closures of prisons – stop the efficiency cut».



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