Blood transfer device is withdrawn


Blood transfer device has been withdrawn from the market

An apparatus used for the transfer of blood, and other fluids, is withdrawn from the market after patients may have absorbed harmful amounts of aluminium.

The device enFlow has been used by most hospitals in Norway. The hospitals do not know how many patients who have had blood or fluid warmed up by the device, writes Aftenposten.

The manufacturer announced at the end of last week that the disposable liquid heater cartridges are immediately withdrawn from the market because a study has shown that its use can cause harmful aluminum values in the fluid entering the patients.

“There is no evidence that this has had negative health effects. But when the manufacturer nevertheless pulls the equipment from the market, it is a matter of a fault that must be corrected. We will, in any case, consider the matter and decide whether there is a need for any special follow-up of patients in our region,” says professional director Jan Frich in Helse south-east to the newspaper.

Last week, the directors of the country’s four regional health enterprises had an urgent meeting on the apparatus. They concluded that the country’s hospital should only use it if there are no other options and is necessary for patient safety.

Very large amounts of aluminum can in the worst case be toxic to the nervous system and affect the bones and fertility.

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