‘Toll Roads’ Party (FNB) wants to go national

toll roads road toll FNBToll Plaza. Photo: wikimedia.org

FNB wants to go national and can steal voters from FrP

‘People against more Toll Roads ’ (FNB) has ambitions to become a national party. This may be bad news for Progress Party (FrP), think state leaders.


5,000 signatures are required to be listed in the National Party Registry. Currently, ‘Folkeaksjonen Nei til mer Bompenger’ is halfway there, according to NRK.

“We will first and foremost invest in the larger cities, and the election in 2019 will be important, because we will then consider whether to run in the parliamentary elections in 2021,” says Frode Myrhol (FNB), who already has a representative in the City Council of Stavanger.

He says the party is not looking to take Frp voters in particular, but rather targets toll road opponents who are not considering to vote for Frp.

“We gain a few from almost all the other parties, the Conservatives (Høyre), the Labor Party (Ap), the Liberals (Venstre), the Christian Democrats (Krf) and even the Socialist Party (SV). I feel we have created the perfect political party,” says Myrhol.

Bad news for FrP

Associate Professor and State strategist Svein Erik Tuastad from the University of Rogaland believes FNB can exploit Frp’s position in Government to its advantage.

“It may be very painful for Frp if the party gains a foothold, and an established FNB may pose a risk to the position of Frp. It may be an independent chime for Government wear and, at worst, a division in Frp,” says Tuastad to NRK.


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