The bonfire in Ålesund was 36 meters high

SlinningsbåletSlinningsbålet in Ålesund.Photo: Halvard Alvik / NTB scanpix

At Breivoll in Akershus, it was not a firey Sunday night due to wind.Elsewhere the bonfires lit up, and at Slinningsodden in Ålesund, it was 36 meters high.


“Unfortunately, there will not be a fire because of wind “, said the poster that Rikke Soligard tacked to pallets at Breivoll, almost in the middle of the Bunnefjord. The decision was taken after a conversation with the fire service.

At NTB news, vice-leader, Ole-Martin Isebakke, at Øst 110-sentral, said that many people had contacted them with questions as to whether it was safe to light fires.

“We asked those who called to use common sense. Basically, the total firefighting ban had been lifted, but there’s not going to be much sunshine until it gets dry,’’ said Isebakke, reminding people to have equipment ready for fires.

At Slinningsodden in Ålesund, there had been a sport made of building a tall bonfire, and according to Sunnmørsposten this year’s edition was 36 meters high.

It was slightly short of the record fire of 47.4 meters in 2016. The explanation was that the people behind this year’s would make the finest fire, not the highest. At the same time, fireworks were shot in the Norwegian flag colours.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today