Broadnet fined heavily after security breach

Broadnet, Torbjørn G. Krøvel (Chief Operating Officer) Photo: Broadnet

Broadnet is fined NOK 14 million after security breach

Broadnet will appeal the fine of NOK 14 million they have been charged after a serious safety failure was revealed regarding their management of the Norwegian National Emergency Network.


It is the National Communications Authority (Nkom) who announces the fine of NOK 14 million to Broadnet. The amount constitutes about 1 per cent of the company’s revenue last year.

Last year, it was revealed that IT workers in India had access to parts of the Norwegian Emergency Network, used by the police, fire departments and the health services during crises and other serious events. Motorola and their subcontractor Broadnet operate the network on behalf of Ministry of Transport and Communications (formerly the Directorate for Emergency Communications).

Against this backdrop, Nkom initiated an audit. The audit revealed several shortcomings in Broadnet’s security management. As a result, Nkom instructed the company to rectify the deviations uncovered.


The contractor disagrees with the reaction and has already filed a complaint with the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The company is also considering a complaint on the violation fee. They show to that they have always followed the advice of the authorities, but have acknowledged that mistakes have been made. The violations have not had any consequences for the clients according to them.

– Broadnet disagrees with the description and understanding of the facts as stated by NKom, their legal interpretation, the way in which parts of the audit is conducted and the conclusions drawn in the review, the company writes in a press release.

– besides that, NOK 14 million is a large fine, and Broadnet reacts to the size of it. – The case has not had consequences for end users or has given us economic benefits over other players in the market, says Chief Operating Officer in Broadnet, Torbjørn G. Krøvel.

By that we must assume that they have paid the Indian personnel Norwegian wages.


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