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BT: Man in Bergen dead after being shot by police on Monday

PolicePhoto: Audun Braastad / NTB

The man in Bergen, who was shot by the police on Monday night, is dead.

Ellen Eikeseth Mjøs in the Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs for Western Norway confirmed the news to local newspaper Bergen Tidende.

The police were notified of unrest in an apartment in Bergen’s Ibsens gate just before 10:00 PM on Monday.

Shortly afterward, it was also reported that flames had been seen inside the apartment.

“The police moved out to the address with several patrols, and based on the situation and information obtained, the crews involved were armed. 

“In connection with the assignment, shots were fired from the police, and a person was transported to Haukeland University Hospital with gunshot wounds,” a press release from the police, published on late Monday night, noted.

Police chief: The man who was shot had a knife 

According to police chief Kåre Songstad, the man had a knife when he was shot.

“This is a tragic case,” Songstad said at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

At the press conference, he said that the man in his 30s was armed with a knife when he was shot by the police inside an apartment in Henrik Ibsens gate at 10:35 PM on Monday. 

Police fired several shots inside the apartment.

The man was declared dead at Haukeland University Hospital close to 1:00 AM on Tuesday night.

According to newspaper Bergensavisen, the deceased man is known to the police from before, among other things, for drug offenses and minor violent crimes. 

He has also previously been subjected to compulsory mental health care.

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