Bulgarian MP indicted in Telenor case

Bulgarian MPMobile Phone, Photo: Telenor / creativecommons, licensed under CC


Former Bulgarian MP is accused of embezzling 5 million lev

A former Bulgarian MP is accused of embezzling NOK 27 million from the mobile operator Globul which Telenor acquired in 2013.


Telenor notified Bulgarian authorities in April last year that their internal audits showed that NOK 230 million was drained through fictitious contracts. Dagens Næringsliv writes that Bulgarian prosecutor’s office believes companies controlled by former member of parliament, Grozdan Karajov, have received a total of five million lev, equivalent to NOK 27 million, from Globul, under cover of fictious contracts with the company.

– We’re sitting on evidence indicating that senior executives have drained company values just before the takeover, writes Communications Manager for the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office, Maleks Androver, in an email to the newspaper.

Karajov is a profiled businessman and politician in Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian newspaper Capital, he led the Committee on Transport and Telecom in Parliament from 2014 to 2016.

– I have nothing to hide. The companies I own have run regular commercial activities and I have not received any complaints about the services that have been rendered, Karajov told the newspaper.

The company which at that time had the name Globul, is the second largest mobile operator in Bulgaria. According to Telenor there was brought charges against several persons in the case this Tuesday.

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