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KIWI Buzz NorgesgruppenLow Cost grocery chain Kiwi is owned by NorgesGruppen. Photo:

The list of Buzz brands for 2017 in Norway

Kiwi still ranks in first place regarding highest positive Buzz brands. Second place is held by (, while the newcomer Vipps (smartphone payment service) ends in third place. Volkswagen has had the greatest progress in Buzz, when comparing with the figures from 2016.


In Norway, YouGov BrandIndex interviews 100 people every day who are representative of the general population, asking about their knowledge and attitudes towards different brands.

YouGov BrandIndex rankings for 2017 chart which brands have gotten the most positive coverage in Norway. The ratings have been prepared using the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz score on 250 brands in Norway.

YouGov BrandIndex Buzz-rankings for 2017

Low cost food chain Kiwi takes first place with a buzz score of 28.2. The marketplace comes in second place with a score of 25.6 points. is also the brand that Norwegian women have an overall positive impression of. Vipps has proved to be the most popular payment app in Norway, and zooms into third place on the buzz index.

Kiwi’s main competitor, Rema 1000, which has been on top for several years, is now out of the top 10. Rema 1000 has suffered a reputation crisis in the wake of the “Best friends” strategy towards suppliers, among other things like the riddiculed “Æ” (me in dialect) campaign.


Volkswagen is the brand with the best growth and has increased its Buzz a lot. Volkswagen has improved their score by 5.9 points and ends up with a total score of 11.8 points, which is a doubling. Volkswagen was at the sharp end of massive negative media coverage in connection with the diesel scandal in 2015, but has gained a significant positive development in Buzz in 2017.


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About BrandIndex

BrandIndex is a daily survey of the perception involving 250 brands in Norway. Every day, 100 representative respondents are interviewed to find out what they think about different brands.

Buzz score is calculated by asking the respondents if they have heard something positive or negative about a brand in the last two weeks, either through advertising, news and rumors or through friends and family. Net score is based on positive minus negative review.

The Buzz Improvement table ranks the brands that have biggest change in Buzz compared to the previous year.


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