The capital has seen the most summer days of 2017

Summer in OsloSummer in Oslo.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

So far this summer there have been 33 warm days in Oslo, that is, days of over 20 degrees . Kristiansand has had 23, Trondheim 12, and Bergen has had 11 warm days.


Oslo is among the luckiest Norwegian cities for warm summer temperatures. In June, there was 14 days in the capital where the temperatures topped 20 degrees. Of the 23 days that have so far passed in July, 19 have had temperatures above 20 degrees.

’It’s been hotter than usual in Oslo this July. The average day-time temperature has been 16.6 degrees. That is 0.2% abovethe norm’, Mariann Foss of the Meteorological Institute told NTB news agency.

The average is taken from the temperatures in any given month between the years 1961 and 1990.

Among the cities with the fewest summer days of 2017, was, not surprisingly, Tromsø, which stood out over and above the rest. The city has so far had six summer days this year, three in June and three in July. If it’s any comfort, Tromsø had a half of it’s average rainfall in June, with 28 millimetres. In July, 81 millimetres of rain fell in the city.

‘Northern Norway has had several periods of good weather, both in June and July. It’s not always they are so lucky as they’ve been so Far this year,’ said Foss.

Trondheim, with twelve summer days, had a warmer than normal June, with a day and night average of 12.5 degrees (+ 0.5), but a colder July than normal, with a day and night average of 12.6 degrees (-0.4).

‘Trøndelag is having a hot spell now, that pulls up the monthly average,’ said Foss. Saturday’s highest temperature of 28.5 degrees was measured at Kotsøy, in Sør-Trøndelag.

In the south, Kristiansand has had 23 summer days so far in 2017. Eleven of them were in June, and twelve in July.

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