Cats kill one million Australian birds daily


An Australian study shows that cats kill one million birds each day. Researchers are amazed at the high numbers.


A study published in the nature science journal, Biological Conversation shows that cats in Australia kill 316 million birds annually.

Domestic cats kill 16 million birds annually in Australia, while the rest are killed by wild cats. On average, cats kill just under one million birds daily on the southern continent.

“Everyone knows that cats kill birds, but at a nationwide level, the scale is amazing, and it probably contributes to threatening the already endangered species”, said professor and study publisher John Woinarski at Charles Darwin University to The Guardian.

“Cats have killed birds of 71 endangered Australian species. It accounts for about 60 percent of endangered species in Australia”, says professor and co-author Sarah Legge.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today