200 years since Karl Marx was born

Karl MarxA bronze statue showing German philosopher Karl Marx is unveiled on occasion of the 200th birthday of Marx in Trier, Germany, Saturday, May 5, 2018. The statue was created by Chinese artist Wu Weishan and is a present of China. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)
Hundreds of spectators gathered in the city of Trier in Germany on Saturday to mark the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx and mark the unveiling of a statue for the father of Communism.

Both invited prominent guests and protesters had come to Karl Marx’s birthplace to celebrate or protest, the 200th anniversary of the controversial philosopher, author and political economist.

The 5.5 meter high bronze statue, which was unveiled in the city center is a gift from China, and the unveiling was the highlight of the celebration of the 200th anniversary celebrations.

Among the many guests was Marx’s great grandchild Frederique Longuet-Marx and several famous German cultural and media profiles.

But not everybody thinks the 200th anniversary is something to celebrate, and the police in Trier had gotten reinforcements to meet the hundreds of protesters who had announced their arrival in town. But on Saturday afternoon all was calm and no attempts to protest.

The deputy chairman of the German PEN club had said that the unveiling of the Chinese Marx statue should be done by Chinese poet Liu Xia, the widow of peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who was released from house arrest and was allowed to travel from China, for this occasion.

The Right Republican and anti-immigrant party, AFD, had announced a silent march through Trier during Saturday to commemorate all the victims of communism and they will also hold a night in support of the forbidden Falun Gong movement in China.

At the same time, a Marxist Alliance, including members of the Left Party Die Linke and the German Communist Party, has planned a demonstration against capitalism and exploitation.


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