Caught with a wheelbarrow full of loot

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Caught with a wheelbarrow full of loot

A 22-year-old wearing a balaclava and equipped with a knife has been arrested for several burglaries in Langesund in Telemark. The man was apprehended with a wheelbarrow full of loot.


Just after midnight a young man woke up after hearing weird sounds in the house. When he got up, he met with a burglar wearing a balaclava and with a knife in his hand. The thief skedaddled when he realized he was discovered.

About three hours later, police got a message saying that the same man was observed with a wheelbarrow full of loot.

Not normal

“It is not normal to wander around with a wheelbarrow containing both chainsaw and edge trimmer at three am in the morning, so the person notified us, says Operations Manager in the South East Police District, Vidar Aaltvedt, to NTB.

The 22-year-old man that was arrested around 3 am is in custody and will be questioned on Wednesday morning. Most of the stolen goods consist of garden tools that may have been stolen from sheds or garages. But other goods have also been found.

– Even if he did not use the knife, he did not bring it into the house for no reason, says Aaltvedt.

Uncertain how many

The police currently only know about two concrete sites that have been subjected to burglary, but it remains to find the owners of parts of the loot. Therefore, they encourage people in Langesund to check garages and sheds to see if the thief has been there.

The Operations Manager also points out that it took a long time from the first notification before the man was arrested.

– He may therefore have committed more burglaries and hid away goods elsewhere.

The 22-year-old is an acquaintance of the police and has made several burglaries previously.


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