The Gathering under constant cyberattack

The GatheringHamar.The Gathering .Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

The computer and IT gathering, The Gathering in Vikingskipet has received its share of complications. This Easter  the event has been exposed to  more cyber attacks than ever before.

Around 5,500 young people and nearly 10,000 computers are at work in the world’s second largest computer in Hamar. All the machines are connected to the 40 gigabyte large internet connection in the Viking Ship, which in the last two days constantly has been subjected to so-called DDoS attacks, the newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad writes.
– It’s a hostile attack. DDoS attacks simply means filling the capacity of the Internet connection to the limit, so that the line is jammed. You can compare with a traffic jam at the E6. There’s a line, and you can not get through, says Peter Blakstad, head of the technical staff at the Gathering, told the newspaper.
–  There is no doubt that the participants have noticed. But we have managed to minimize the damage as much as possible. But there is no cure for DDoS, so we’ll just do what we can. Unfortunately it is very easy to make these attacks, the way the world is today,  Blakstadheia continues.
He did not think that the persons trying to sour the Easter holidays  for thousands of youngsters are professional hackers.
– It’s probably some youngsters who think it’s fun to see what kind of consequences it will bring, but who do not see the big picture and how serious it can be.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today