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Law breaches in half of the child-care

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Law breaches at half of the child-care institutions

A review of supervisory reports from 29 child-care institutions reveals law breaches at 15 of them, writes Dagbladet.

In a nationwide audit, the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision instructs the county governors to find out if those who are in child-care institutions receive proper care. The audit is still ongoing, Dagbladet has read reports from child-care 29 institutions. The reports reveal one or more breaches of the law at 15 of them.

Ten institutions have a practice that violates the Child Welfare Act’s requirement for soundness, the newspaper writes. Seven have a practice that violates the best interests of the child. Staffing, competence and management are highlighted in some of the examples that are extracted from the reports.


“The examples that Dagbladet refers to in the nationwide supervision are serious. That is why we are constantly working on quality and improvements and in order to get rid of deviations that the supervisory authority has given time to correct,” Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir), Mari Trommald responds.

Last year, a youth centre in Bergen had to close after disclosures published in Dagbladet. The regional director of Bufetat West resigned in January 2019.

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  1. Well what did anyone expect?
    SV put feminists in charge of these institutions!
    The most corrupt party in Norway put their own radicals in charge, there could be no other outcome

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