China threatens to quit cooperating with the U.S.A.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump.Photo: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

China has threatened to halt cooperation with the U.S.A. in several areas if Donald Trump changes America’s policy toward the relationship between China and Taiwan.

The Chinese government said in a statement that it is ‘seriously concerned’ after an interview Trump gave at the weekend.

In the interview with Fox News, Trump said that he’d not necessarily be bound by ‘one China’ policy distinctions. The policy includes the principle that there is just ‘one China’ (which includes Taiwan), although in practice, Taiwan has full autonomy.

China’s government warned that further development of their relationship with the US will halt if the United States walks away from the one-China principle. They added that bilateral cooperation in various important areas ‘will be excluded.’

The Chinese state newspaper, ‘Global Times’ wrote that China could indeed respond by selling weapons to America’s enemies if Trump changed the U.S.A.s’ policy toward China and Taiwan.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today