The city council in Bergen decided to quintuple the toll fees on certain days

The city council in Bergen decided to triple the toll certain daysExhaust.Photo Wikimedia commons

The city council in Bergen decided to quintuple toll  fees, while offering free rides on the buses and the city rail on days when the city air is particularly bad. This means that drivers may have to pay as much as 225 kroner in toll fees.
– Although we voted for the measures, these are measures we hope we will never need to use,  Harald Berge Breistein (Christian Democrats) says to NRK news.
The decision means that passing a single toll bar  will cost 225 Norwegian kroner, instead of today’s fee of 45 kroner, for passenger cars in rush hour,  if unhealthy air has been reported for at least two days in a row . Apart from rush hour, the cost will be 95 kroner on such days.
Henning Warloe (Conservative Party), who was urban development commissioner until last election, believes the public transport of the city is nowhere near good enough for the measure to work.
– This is potentially adopting a disaster, he seems.
Both the Conservatives and the Progress Party voted against the measures.
The opposition in the center and on the left, however, voted for the measures.
– Measures that we introduce to make sure that we get cleaner air can not be considered  severe measures. However, the curfew those with health problems experience today is really severe, says MDG (the Green Party) politician Sondre Båtstrand.