Clear support for large-scale ‘Nordic Day’ celebration

Nordic Day’Clear support for large-scale ‘Nordic Day’ celebration

On Thursday, March 23rd, we celebrate the Helsinki Agreement, in which the Nordic cooperation ‘constitution’ was signed on that day in 1962.

‘The agreement touches the lives of very many people in the Nordic countries, but is still relatively unknown to most people’, said the Chairman of the Nordic Association, Rune Mørck Wergeland.

‘It ensures the rights and opportunities we take for granted today. In Scandinavia, it is the day to celebrate that we have the opportunity to work and study across borders. I encourage everyone to take part in the celebration.’

In an article published in several Norwegian newspapers in connection to the Nordic region, Mørck Wergeland also called for strengthening of cooperation between the Nordic countries.

‘Uncertainty in the world around us makes it imperative to preserve the stability of ours, and to build strong Nordic alliances,’ wrote Mørck Wergeland.

The Helsinki Agreement stipulates that education in schools should include knowledge of the language, culture and social conditions of the other Nordic countries.

This year, the Nordic Association offers a variety of activities and learning programs to students connected to the Nordic region today. Minister, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, encouraged schools in Norway to mark the day, and all members of the Nordic language community.

‘Language is the key to Nordic solidarity and mobility. Nordic language cooperation is a key part of the Nordic cooperation.

A sense of Nordic language community, and a good understanding of each other’s neighbour’s language, promotes a Nordic educational community, and a common Nordic labour market’, said Røe Isaac.

Several of the Nordic Association’s local chapters are organising lectures, quizzes, literary evenings and Nordic feasts in connection to the Nordic region today.

In Trondheim, the Nordic Association Trondheim are organising a major seminar on Finland and the Nordic countries (this year, Finland is celebrating 100 years as an independent nation). Among others, Nordic Cooperation Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen, and writer Erlend Loe, will attend.

The Nordic Association is working toward an even tighter integration between the Nordic countries. Nordic cooperation has broad popular support, and Scandinavia today has an excellent opportunity to celebrate what we have in common.

‘Several studies show that most citizens in the Nordic countries want more Nordic cooperation than we have today. It gives us additional reason to celebrate and look ahead’, said Mørck Wergeland.

True to tradition, the Nordic Association also encouraged all Norwegian municipalities to mark the occasion with Nordic flags flying on the day.


Source: FORENINGEN NORDEN / Norway Today