Remains cold in south and east

Frost Cold WinterFrost. Photo:

The cold is sticking around in southern and eastern Norway

On Saturday, it was measured 35.3 degrees centigrade below freezing at the coldest place in Norway. The biting cold will continue east of the mountains next week, according to the meteorologists.


– It’s about dressing yourself against the weather, especially in the coldest places where it can reach 30-40 degrees below. You should really ask yourself how much time you want to spend outside when it’s that extremely cold, is meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss’ advice to those staying in the inner eastern parts of Norway in the days to come.

It is especially where it has already been very frosty conditions this weekend and it is also where it is expected that the biting cold will continue in the near future.

High pressures leading to cold period

Folldal municipality in Hedmark was the coldest place in the whole country. There it was measured minus 35.3 degrees night before Saturday. Also at Tynset, in the same county, it was freezing cold, with temperatures approaching minus 34 degrees.

-We will probably see that again this coming week. We are in a very frosty period that will last at least until Thursday. Then there might be a change, but that is far ahead in time and very much can happen before that, says Gislefoss.

Cold in the south as well

Exactly how cold it is going to be in Southern and Eastern Norway depends on how the weather develops.

-If Oslo gets clear weather, with some clouds and wind , temperatures may drop below minus 10 in the capital as well. The same applies to other parts of the country, says Gislefoss.

Even in the extreme south, it has been – and is still expected to be – temperatures below zero degrees. That includes Lindesnes, where there was minus 4 degrees on Saturday. Lindesnes is the southernmost point of mainland Norway.


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