Consensus on retaining citizenship even if parents lied

Oslo 20161105. Hilde Frafjord Johnson Photo: Terje Pedersen /NTB Scanpix


Keeps Norwegian citizenship

The Parliamentary parties agree that children and grandchildren will not be punished if parents and grandparents have lied about what country they come from.


– What a parent supposedly has done should not incur punishment for an innocent party, says Secretary General in the Christian Democrats (KrF), Hilde Frafjord Johnson, to TV 2.

– It is totally unreasonable, and that we can not live with it as a State of law, says Johnson.

According to the channel, all parties represented in Parliament agree on an amendment which implies that one can’t lose Norwegian citizenship – even if it is revealed that their parents or grandparents did not tell the truth about their nationality.

KrF believes the decision should also include those who have recently lost citizenship.


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