The Conservatives wants to have uniformed police at some Oslo schools

Access control Oslo School Bjørnholt uniformed policeBjørnholt Skole. Photo Bjørnholt skole (web)

The Conservatives wants to have uniformed police at some Oslo schools

Høyre’s city council in Oslo wants uniformed police, video surveillance and narcotics dogs to overcome the problems at certain schools.


The chairman of the City Council group, Eirik Lae Solberg, believes emergency measures must be introduced and will submit a detailed proposal for consideration, writes Aftenposten.

– In many cases, there has been a fear culture that allows victims and witnesses of abuse and violence will not step forward. In Etterstad, a serious episode involving violence against a pupil was captured on video, this was essential for the school to be able to report the matter to the police, Solberg tells the newspaper.

– They will of course not pat down every student, but be present and visible, says Solberg about having uniformed police present.

Last week, access control was introduced at Bjørnholt High School in Oslo.

Mayor Marianne Borgen (Socialist Party) believes the right medicine is more teachers, environmental and health workers.

– In the spur of the moment, I do not think this is the answer to the problems we face. On the contrary, I fear that it can reinforce them. What we see in the Oslo school today is a symptom of something being wrong, says Borgen.

– The starting point must be to talk to the youth. What is they want, what do they experience as difficult, what more do they want in school? She says.


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