Convicted Islamist detained for two months

Attorney Brynjar MelingAttorney Brynjar Meling.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Convicted Islamist detained for two months

Mohyeldeen Mohammad, 32, who was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment for threatening Abid Raja of Venstre (V), has been detained for eight weeks.


It was settled in Oslo district court on Monday reported NRK news.

Mohammad has appealed for release, but the district court believes he could evade criminal prosecution if he is released.

The 32-year-old from Skien was arrested and detained on Tuesday, November 13, just before he met in the district court, charged with threats to left-wing politician Abid Raja.

The judgment of two and a half years, which fell on November 27, was in line with Attorney General Frederik G. Ranke’s statement.

Thorough judgement

“It is a well-considered and thorough judgment. It looks like we have gotten hold of all the most important things, and of course, we are very pleased with that. This was an attack on democratic values,” said Ranke to NTB after the verdict was completed.

Mohammad’s lawyer, Brynjar Meling, confirmed at the same time that the verdict was being appealed, saying that his client was disappointed.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad has been sentenced for threatening parliamentary deputy, Abid Raja on SMS, and in a video posted on YouTube in September 2016. The background was Raja’s comments in the debate about the introduction of a possible ban on clothing that covered the face.

Murder Threat

“The eight-minute video must be interpreted as an invitation to Mohammad’s like-minded comrades to commit serious violence or kill Raja,” alleged the prosecutor.

The judgment states that it is particularly aggravating that the threat must be seen as a means of teasing Raja and other Muslims who have a different view of Islam that Mohammad.

“This was clearly a death threat. We are talking about one of the leading figures in one of the more extreme milieus we have seen here in the country after World War II,” stated Attorney General Ranke.

In addition to imprisonment, Mohammad was also sentenced to pay 150,000 kroner in damages to Raja.


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